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Why Having a Regular Roof Inspection is Important

by Posted on June 2, 2021

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The point of buying or renting a home is to have a roof over your head, so taking care of your roof should be among your top priorities. Proper roof maintenance is necessary to avoid untimely expenses on repairs or replacement. Regular roof inspections can help keep track of your roof’s health.

Several factors can affect the health of a roof. If not frequently monitored, it can lead to extensive and costly repairs. In worse cases, the roof may need to be completely replaced, and that may cause a large hole in your pocket if you’re not prepared for the expenses. Remember that home insurances usually do not cover roof repair or roof replacement if damages incurred are due to neglect or lack of maintenance.

Weather Factors That Cause Roof Damage 

The weather has a significant role to play when it comes to roof damage. While you may expect that every roof has been constructed to endure all four seasons, there is no guarantee that minor or even major problems won’t arise. 

Most people are aware that heavy snow accumulation during winter can cause some parts of your roof to sag. However, snow isn’t the only thing to worry about during this season. Ice build-up on your gutter can prevent water from draining, and cracks can form as a consequence. Having cracks on the gutter and roof will lead to other issues such as leaks. If your area experiences strong winds, having your shingles blown off is most likely one of your worries. It is recommended that a roof inspection is done before winter hits. 

Too much moisture is one problem that spring brings, and this can also cause cracks on your roof as well. If water finds its way through the cracks, it will eventually create an atmosphere that is ideal for mold to grow. With a regular roof inspection, you can prevent damages and mold growth from escalating. If ignored, any issues your roof has can become bigger.

Sun damage is a common roof problem you can encounter during summer. Extreme high temperatures and high humidity are also culprits that can cause roof damage. Regular roof inspection during this season is advisable so that you can check for possible peeling, erosion, or curling of shingles. Older roofs tend to split and crack in hot weather. Even if you use weatherproofing materials, it is still safe to conduct a routine inspection.

Storms can be particularly cruel to roofs. Heavy rains can cause water damage over time, while strong winds can potentially loosen shingles. Asphalt shingles, in particular, have sandpaper-like coatings called granules, and high winds can strip it off. If this happens, it reduces performance and accelerates aging. 

Any signs of wear and tear on your roof can only get worse if no immediate action is done, and this is most probable if you neglect regular roof inspection. 


Importance of Regular Roof Inspection

Checking your roof every so often for possible damages can help avoid expenses that are way beyond your budget. Your roof may be durable and made with materials that can withstand weather changes. However, it is still not a guarantee that your roof won’t have any issues.

Common problems that may occur are cracks and leaks, missing or loose shingles, moss growth, buckling or curling shingles, and roof sagging. A regular roof inspection can help identify these issues so immediate action can be taken to rectify the situation before it turns into full-blown damage where expensive repairs will be necessary.

Even if you don’t see any evidence of possible damages or issues after your roof braces a storm and intense climate, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any minor defects. Only a professional roof inspection can help assure your roof is still in good condition. Besides, leaking isn’t usually the first sign that your roof is in trouble.

If mold is growing in your roof, it can cause you and your family health problems, and this isn’t something you would like to risk. A routine inspection can help spot the beginning of mold growth before it gets worse.

Keep in mind that your roof weakens as it ages, so having a regular roof inspection is more important if your roof is aging. Roofs have an expected lifespan of twenty years. Lack of proper maintenance can shorten its lifespan.

Believe it or not, you will actually end up saving money with regular roof inspections. It is better than neglecting it until the problem is big enough that you have no option but to replace your roof, especially since most home insurances do not cover residential roof replacement due to damages obtained from neglect.

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Why Hire A Professional Roofing Company to Inspect and Repair Your Roof

It may be tempting to conduct regular roof inspections on your own. You may think you can save up by doing it yourself rather than hiring a professional. However, there are issues only a trained eye can identify. 

Your roof may have issues like subsurface damage that superficial inspections won’t be able to detect. Use of special equipment may be necessary, which homeowners usually do not own. 

A professional roofing company usually carries out several tests to evaluate a roof’s condition. They investigate possible structural damage and examine a roof’s substructure. They will be able to detect trapped moisture and figure out how long it takes for moisture to evaporate. Typically, they will investigate every inch of your roof and can help determine whether your roof needs improvement.

It is not only advisable to schedule regular roof inspections. It is equally important to hire a professional to conduct it. 

Besides, should you attempt to fix any minor defect on your own, any insurance claim you file for roof repair may be forfeited. Insurance companies prefer having a professional perform roof inspections for proper assessment of a roof damage claim. 

Remember that neglecting your roof may cost you more than you are prepared for. For your peace of mind, schedule a regular roof inspection with a professional roof company now.