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Taking Care of Your Roof to Take Care of Your Home

by Posted on September 18, 2021

New roof on residence

Your roof protects your house and everything that’s in it. Even minor roof damage can cause major water and mildew damage to your home. Take the time to do some routine roof maintenance, and save yourself a lot of hassle and expensive repairs down the road.

Inspect the Chimney Annually

Water and snow get into your chimney on a regular basis, and in time they can cause the chimney’s mortar to rot and crumble. This can cause leaks that get under your roof’s shingles and soak into the wood of your roof. Inspect your chimney once a year to look for signs of crumbling mortar and call a professional if you find any.

Fix Roof Flashing and Shingles when Winter Ends

At the end of every winter, and after every big storm, inspect your roof’s flashing. If you find minor damage, reseal it so it doesn’t let water damage your roof. If you find more significant damage, cut around the damaged part and remove it. Replace the missing section with new flashing. You should also inspect your shingles. Replace any shingles that are damaged or even just curling up around the edges. If you replace them yourself, make sure to cover every nail with tar to prevent future leaks.

Periodically Examine Your Attic

The attic sits directly beneath your roof, so it may be the first place that water from a roof leak starts to accumulate. Check your attic once every few months for mildew, damaged insulation, and water stains. These signs of a leak might be visible in your attic even when nothing can be seen from the outside.

Keep Your Roof Clear of Leaf Litter

You need to keep your roof clear of leaf litter that accumulates in the gutter, around the chimney and vents, and also in roof valleys. If you let leaf litter accumulate, it will trap water on your roof and help push it under the shingles. Keep inspecting these places in the autumn time to keep this from happening.

Keep Tree Branches Trimmed

Walk around your house once a year to check for tree branches that are growing out over your roof. If any of these branches are getting big enough to damage shingles if they fall, trim them back. Remember, tree branches can be deceptively heavy. It might be best to call in professional tree trimmers.

Final Thoughts

Taking good care of your roof is a good long term investment. You can prevent major roofing problems and house damage by catching roof problems while they are still minor.