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DIY vs Professional Roof Repair Services

by Posted on July 5, 2021

Roof repair and replacement service

Roof repairs are one of those jobs that many homeowners attempt to DIY. With a quick Google, you can have a YouTube tutorial for pretty much any common residential roof repair in minutes. However, just because you can watch a tutorial, it doesn’t mean that you should attempt all residential roof repairs yourself.

Knowing when it is perfectly OK to repair your roof yourself and when to call in the professionals is vital to ensure that your roof remains in optimum condition to protect your home against the elements. After all, it is the most exposed part of your home, and should anything go worn, you can open yourself up to a multitude of interior damage.

Common signs of roof problems and roof repair process

To understand if your roof needs repairs, you need to know what type of signs to look out for indicating any damage. Typically the following indicators will alert you that your roof needs some attention and repairs.

Taking a closer look at your roof from a distance or via a ladder can highlight any damage that maybe you wouldn’t see from ground level. Stand across the road from your property for a better look, or get up the roof via a ladder or roof access. Look for damage to shingles, missing tiles, holes, curling on edges or corners.

  • Water damage to the interior walls and ceilings. This is more noticeable in story homes, but if you aren’t noticing that your walls are wet towards the ceilings, this could damage your roof.
  • Sagging roof decks are an indicator that something is amiss with your roof.
  • Clogged gutters can be holding damaged shingles or roofing tiles that have come away. If you notice anything in your gutters, look to see if you can find where it has come loose from, which will help you find the problem.
  • Algae growth can build up on damaged roofs. Look for dark patches when it is dry, and streaks could be a possible mold or algae growth that needs addressing right away.
  • Head into your loft space and see if any light is shining through. If so, your roof needs urgent repairs.

Types of Residential Roof Repair

Professional roofing companies will tell you that there are some fairly common types of residential roof repairs that they undertake. This includes the following;

  • Replacing or repairing broken tiles
  • Replacing broken shingles
  • Locking down a leak
  • Foam roof repairs
  • Draining excess water from flat roofing
  • Replacing or repairing worn and damaged flashing.

DIY Residential Roof Repairs

If you are a novice DIYer, it may be prudent to allow a professional residential roofing company to take control of your roofing repairs. More experienced hobbyists will likely be able to take on some easy roof repairs themselves.

Replacing missing tiles from the edges of your roof or damaged ones can be an easy fix, especially if they don’t require you to physically climb up onto your roof, as can clearing out gutters. This is a pretty easy job to do if you have a head for heights and can be carried out with minimal disruption or even skills.

Identifying a leak can be easy from indoors, and if you can enter your roof cavity, you can fix the leak internally until you can get a proper repair carried out.

DIY or Professional Roof Repair Services

One issue to bear in mind when carrying out DIY residential roof repairs is that incorrectly repaired or poorly maintained roofing can lead to your home insurance being invalidated. Which, if you are a homeowner, is a big concern. This is why most professionals will recommend that you leave any roof repairs to the professional. Expert roofing repair companies will have the appropriate training and equipment to carry out any roof repairs quickly and safely. 

If you are unsure of what is causing the issue with your roof or you can’t locate the problem, allowing roof repairs experts to identify the problem and rectify it will remove any extra damage caused to your roof due to subpar repairs or repairs that end up making the issue worse. Should your home suffer structural damage or your interiors become unfit for use due to neglected or botched roof repairs, you will be unable to claim this back on your insurance policy.


If you think you have an issue with your roof, think carefully about how qualified you are to undertake any repairs. While expert DIYers may find simple repairs such as replacing one or two roof tiles an easy task, those less experienced end up causing more damage than intended or than there originally was. Always consult with roofing repairs experts to ascertain the type of residential roof repair you need and make sure it is carried out swiftly and correctly.